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Glory to Jesus Christ!   Glory Forever!       Slava Isusu Christu!   Slava Na Viki!

Welcome Guests and Friends
Very reverend Edward Cimbala D.Min Pastor

Reverend Myron Badnerosky -Pastor Emeritus

1773 Woodbourne Road, Levittown, PA 19057
Mail Address - BOX 777, Levittown, PA 19058-0777
Residence – 2 Coral Rock Road, Levittown, PA 19057-1721 * (Cell) 908-872-2928 * (Residence) 215-968-8707* (Rectory) 215-945-5122
email: fredcimbala@gmail.com

Services for October
  • Nov 18: 5:300pm Vigil Liturgy 24th Sunday After Pentecost
  • Nov 19: 9:00am - Sunday
  • Nov 20: 7:00pm Vigil Liturgy - Entrance of The Theotokos into the Temple
  • Nov 25: 5:300pm Vigil Liturgy 25th Sunday After Pentecost
  • Nov 26: 9:00am - Sunday +George Dubinsky by wife Betty with Baptism of Thomas Michael Malone Followed by Marriage Blessing of Christopher James Malone and Tarah Marie Grant Malone
  • Nov 29: 7:00pm Liturgy
  • Dec 2: 5:300pm Vigil Liturgy 26th Sunday After Pentecost
  • Dec 3: 9:00am - Sunday
Mystery of Forgiveness (Confession) 4:15-:4:45 Saturdays, 8:15-8:45 Sundays, After all Services, or by Appointment with Fr Ed

There have been 47847 visitors since Christmas 2014.


If you are a visitor to Our Lady of Perpetual Help, we want you to know how welcome you are; whether you have come from another part of the country, from across the world, or simply from another parish. We hope you find our worship true and reverent and our people here friendly and cordial. If you are seeking a spiritual home, we would be honored by your presence in our family. -Fr. Ed

Prayer to Most Holy Theotokos

Most holy Lady, Theotokos, light of my darkened soul; my hope, my protection, my refuge, my comfort, and my joy:  I thank you for enabling me, unworthy as I am, to be a partaker of the most pure body and precious blood of your Son.

     You gave birth to the true Light; enlighten the eyes of my heart.  You bore the Source of immortality; give life to me who am dead in sin.  O compassionate and loving Mother of the merciful God, have mercy on me; grant me compunction and contrition of heart, humility of mind, and the recollection of my scattered thoughts.  Make me worthy, even until my last breath, to receive the most pure and sanctifying mysteries without condemnation for the healing of my soul and body.  Give me tears of repentance and confession that I may praise and glorify you all the days of my life; for you are blessed and glorified forever.  Amen.


Entrance of The Theotokos into the Temple

According to the venerable tradition of the Byzantine Rite Church, which was confirmed  by St. John Damascene (+ 749), the Blessed Virgin Mary as a child was brought by her parents, SS. Joachim and Anne, to the temple as an offering to  God, and she "grew up in the house of God, nourished by the Holy Spirit ... Thus she sought holiness and was shown to be a holy and wondrous temple worthy of the Most High." This mystery from the  early life of the Blessed Mother in our Byzantine  Rite is commemorated on November 21, with the  feast of the Entrance of the Most Holy Mother of  God and Ever Virgin Mary Into the Temple. Click Here to Read More

Prayer Before Meals

We have a very beautiful prayer to be said before all meals, especially on this holiday season. In case you have not memorized it, the text is below:

May the poor eat and be satisfied. May those who seek the face of the Lord rejoice and in their hearts find life. Christ, God, Bless the food and drink of your servants, those who prepare it, and those who receive it, for you are Holy, Our God, and we give glory to you, Father Son and Holy Spirit now and ever and forever. Amen.


You may remember, last year when we had the Personal Assessment campaign Fr. Ed expressed his optimism that such a program would not be necessary in the future.  Unfortunately, Fr. Ed’s hope that the OLPH Parish Family would increase their giving throughout the year to make up the amount of the assessment didn’t happen. As we come to the end of the year we need to have an extra push to make up the shortfall in income.  If you did not have the opportunity to increase your giving during 2017, please consider making an extra contribution at this time to help OLPH with its financial needs.  THANK YOU!  

St Nicholas Banquet - Last Chance for Tickets

A Special Celebration for the Child in All of Us!
Sunday, December 3 Following the Special 10:00 Divine Liturgy

Georgine’s * Autumn Room at the Knight of Columbus - Tickets on until November 19. Adults : $20.00 * Children to Age 17: Free. More details to come

2019 Lottery Calendars
Lottery calendars for 2018 are available. Act now before your lucky numbers are taken by someone else. See Margaret Churilla after church.

Advisory Meeting

Sunday November 19th following the 9am Divine Liturgy. All parishioners are welcome.

Vocation Icon Program

“The harvest is truly plentiful but the laborers are few. Pray, therefore, the Lord of the harvest that he send laborers into his harvest.” (Matthews 9:37-38)

We all have a responsibility to foster future leaders of the Church, priests, sisters, deacons and laity alike, dedicated to serve God’s people. Beginning on Sunday October 1, 2017, we will be participating in the Metropolitan-wide Pilgrim Vocation Icon Program. Parishioners will be able to take the icon home and pray daily for vocations to the priesthood and religious life. The program will run from October 1, 2017, until the Sunday of All Saints, May 27, 2018.  A sign-up sheet is available at the back of the church, and families can sign up for more than one week in a row if desired.

Danube River Cruise
With Fr. Ed Cimbala

I am pleased to announce my next trip. Over the years many people have expressed an interest in going on a river cruise.  After much research, I believe that I have found the ideal trip.

A Fantastic Itinerary at a Fantastic Price! Imagine a cruise along the beautiful Danube River – breathtaking sites – gorgeous scenery – amazing food and best of all … once we are on the ship you only need to unpack once and enjoy the leisure of a floating hotel! 

Click Here for Details and a Brochure


Please Pray for the Sick
Lorraine Sims
Vilma Sims
(Go to Sick list & Prayers)

Coats for Kids

The Knights of Columbus Council 4215 is ordering coats for kids. If you know of someone who could use a new winter coat for a youngster, contact Tom Hadzick or Dr. Dan Tisak and supply the Quantity ---Boys or Girls --- Age or Size.

Stay in Touch With Tim

New Article!

Read Tim's Article in the October Edition of Eastern Catholic Life - Click to read Tim's latest. Write to Tim: Tim Fariss, Byzantine Catholic Seminary, 3605 Perrysville Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15214


Bishop Kurt hopes that each family will donate at least $200 to this appeal.  OLPH benefits directly from this appeal and our seminarian’s tuition is paid with these funds raised from the generosity of the people of the Eparchy of Passaic. MAIL YOUR CONTRIBUTION DIRECTLY TO THE EPARCHIAL OFFICES. If you did not receive a brochure in the mail, copies may be found in the vestibule of the church. If you have any questions, please see Fr. Ed.


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